J A M E S R E M I - isn’t a trend, it’s timeless. It’s generational.

J A M E S R E M I - is more than it’s fabric & design; it’s the story you tell in it.

J A M E S R E M I - is more than the clothes you wear; it’s an attitude.

She was born to stand out.

She is unique & individualistic.

        She is.. whoever the hell she wants to be.

J A M E S R E M I - is a component to the story you want to tell the world; 

J A M E S R E M I - is your hype girl in any time of need. 

J A M E S R E M I - celebrates the feminine form & individuality with colour, contrast & bold hues.

The J A M E S R E M I woman does not fit in a box, she does not conform to society’s rules and she is not interested in downplaying her personality to fit in.



The Designer; The Founder; Seamstress; Pattern-Maker; Magic-Maker

The man who lives & breathes J A M E S R E M I, his heart and soul is poured into every piece. Jamesray loves to design with everything he knows & finds it difficult to bring a collection to a stop with the constant ideas pouring out of him.


Creative Director; Ball-Breaker; The Muse; The Words Smith; No. 1 Cheerleader

With her keen eye for detail in all things Design, she’s not one to shy away from giving her thoughts and opinions even if it means going back to the drawing board. She pulls strength and inspiration from Interior Design, Architecture, Nature, Life Experiences & Travel.


Quality Control; Press Queen; Mother Hen

With her extensive knowledge as a seamstress in the past, Carol will ensure every little detail is correct, all T’s are crossed and all I’s are dotted! 



Jamesray Khoury (JR) is the kind of person that leaves you with a lasting impression. He effortlessly fills a room with his style and charisma, all the while intentionally making space for you to shine, too. Therein lies his magic.

Born and raised in Sydney, he’s proud to be the third generation in his family to take on the fashion world, his tayta Marie a seamstress, his mother Carol a seamstress for Carla Zampatti & now Jamesray a designer, a seamstress & patternmaker… “it’s in the blood. It’s generational.”

Whilst running a successful hospitality business with his brother in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Jamesray couldn’t deny his love for style. He began designing bespoke suits for himself and clients as a hobby, leading him to transform his passion project to a career. Always in the pursuit of improvement, in 2020, Jamesray enrolled into FBI college, Sydney.
He was humbled to be quickly taken under the wing by some of Australia’s leading designers. Steven Khalil (Steven Khalil), Johnny Schembri (By Johnny), & Ali Khallouf (The Tailor Khallouf).

J A M E S R E M I was born from the desire to make woman feel sexy, confident + powerful.
“I wanted to create a brand that celebrated both the woman’s individual personality and feminine form, through classic cuts, timeless silhouettes and sophisticated tailoring. Jamesremi stands out in the way we manipulate fabrics, the use of contrasting colours & prints… paying close attention to detail and drawing on inspiration to create quirky twists & turns in the garments.”



Jamesray’s jidor (Grandfather) Remi ignited and unlocked his creativity at a young age through drawing & experimenting with colour. The name Remi is Lebanese for Ray,
J A M E S R E M I became a combination of the designer & an ode to his late jidor.



The garments have been designed to celebrate the female form & the woman who wears them, why not have the items named after women that inspire or suit the piece.



A design will either be sparked from an idea, a event or fabrication. The design will go back and forth from Jamesray to Danielle, until the pattern is made for the calico. The calico process will introduce new ideas and/or hurdles which may change the design, after the sample has been made in the fabrication – it will then be sent to the pattern maker & seamstress for the production line. 

Our fabrics are currently sourced in Australia in either deadstock or factory fabrics, we hold onto our offcuts to reuse to reduce waste. J A M E S R E M I understands the responsibility it holds to ethical standards and the environment. 

We are currently only Made-To-Order to reduce waste, give clients exclusive-like pieces and create a conscious buying environment. 


The us initiative are pieces we have designed with us in mind.. us being you, me, him, her, they,

It has been made with no gender in mind and designed to be both feminane and masculine.

In addition, it has been designed to share.

These pieces are inspired by how the designer likes to share his wardrobe with his partner, family and friends.

Share "US" with your loved ones, allow "US" to be worn in so many different ways, on so many differnt people, with so many different styles.

We want "US" to help bring us together


A Pop Of Pink (P.O.P) came from a simple idea of creating a collection that is focused on was subdued whilst maintaining it’s J A M E S R E M I - ness. We focused on three main fabrications; Silver Lame, Metallic Brocade + Pop Of Pink. Whether pink is seen as a current trend as we go back through fashion history when did it ever die? Often a child’s favourite colour growing up (Designer included), some outgrow and some hold onto it with a special fondness. P.O.P is a mixture of Preppy meets Dark Disco, a version of the times we are living through at the moment. Sparking joy & colour through the darkness… in a
J A M E S R E M I manner (Of Course!).